Kneehill Adult Learning Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to lifelong learning.


We Offer:
  • General Interest Classes

  • Community Issues Workshops

  • Courses in Health and Safety

  • Employment Enhancement Programs

  • Video Conferencing Opportunities

  • Family Programming

  • One-On-One Adult Tutoring

  • Education/Upgrading Planning


In your community:
  • Three Hills

  • Torrington

  • Trochu

  • Wimborne

  • Acme

  • Carbon

  • Huxley

  • Linden

  • Swalwell


Our Mission:


Kneehill Adult Learning Society facilitates and coordinates community learning programs within the Kneehill County area.


Our Vision:


Kneehill Adult Learning Society is a dynamic, respected organization with strong partnerships that enhance lifelong learning for our community.


Our Values and Guiding Principles: 


  • Assess community learning needs

  • Link community learners

  • Promote lifelong learning

  • Provide meaningful learning opportunities

  • Support & Encourage lifelong learning