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Food Safety Course


Food Safety Course

Based on the Reference Handbook for Food Safety, the training is a comprehensive review of food safety issues and safe food handling practices.
The Managing Food Safety Certificate is valid for five (5) years and is recognized by all Heath Authorities in Canada.
Course Topics include:
Introduction to Food Safety – Impotence of Food Safety, Food Borne Illness in Canada, Benefits of Food Safety Programs
Biological Hazards
Food Safety Hazards (Chemical, Physical, Allergen)
Facilities Design & Construction
Equipment & Utensils
Control Of Hazards (From Purchasing To Service/Distribution)
Cleaning & Sanitation
Pest Control
Employee & Visitor Illness, Injury, And Hygiene
Education And Training
Food Safety Program Management (HACCP)

Consisting of teaching modules and quizzes, MFS is taught as an one day class which includes certification exam at the end of the day

Students must obtain a mark of 70% to successfully pass the certification exam.
The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions so you will need 42/60 correct to pass.

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