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Riverside Medical Physicians

Phone: 403-823-5000

Riverside Medical Physicians

The clinic offers a convenient location with free, unlimited parking in the Badlands Community Facility lot, wheelchair access with reserved front parking, and supplemental free parking across Riverside Drive.

The expansive views are some of the best in the valley, offering a calming atmosphere combined with the soothing décor and colors. We have large, themed patient care rooms, not examination rooms or doctor rooms, which provide amble space for the patient and their families. For example, we have a Disney themed room designated for pediatric patients, or families with kids. Our clinic also conforms to music therapy, as it has decades of evidence on its positive effects for pain, mental health, dementia, autism, and ADHD.

We are at the forefront for use with regards to medical technologies. This includes being able to send results via our secure email service, Brightsquid that meets all of the privacy requirements for the province, handheld wireless ultrasound, Kardiamobile (medical grade FDA approved EKG), and Ocean by CognisantMD™ (connects patients, healthcare providers, and researchers using secure patient forms, screening tools, and surveys that integrate with the EMR).

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