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Our Vision

Our vision for Kneehill County is that of a thriving rural community woven together by neighbours, both established residents and new arrivals, learning with and from each other.

Our Mission

Kneehill Adult Learning and Newcomer Services exists to provide accessible programming, resources,
and services for adults to discover skills which are theirs for a lifetime. Through our programming,
motivated learners gain skills needed for local community engagement, leading to greater
independence, and empowering them to make personal and professional contributions towards a
strong and thriving rural community.

Our Values and Principles

Lifelong Learning
We value lifelong learning. We recognize the centrality of learning to positive life outcomes.
We value a safe and welcoming community. We are committed to helping newcomers become independent and engaged members of their community through settlement and integration services.

We value empowering people to pursue lifelong learning and community engagement.
Our team functions within a strengths-based approach.

We value the strength of partnerships. Our strategic planning is informed by community needs as identified through collaborative connections with other organizations, groups, and individuals.

We value respect for the innate worth, individuality, and dignity of each participant, staff, volunteer, and community member. We model respect through how we engage with people and are mindful of one another’s unique emotions, principles, and viewpoints.
Diversity and Inclusion
We value inclusion and diversity. We accept and welcome all people regardless of age, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity to ensure equal access to our programs and services.

Kneehill Adult Learning Team
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